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About our Flagship Employment Screening Website

This full service criminal history checking site provided by Information Enterprises Inc. was launched in 2003 to meet the growing online demand for convenient access to criminal background records. this website was the first to offer instant criminal background checks over the internet without membership requirements, and since its inception has grown from offering around 20 instant statewide searches to now almost the whole country. The site also includes a free National Sex Offender Registry Check and USA Most Wanted Criminals Search with all its instant criminal history checks. Throughout the evolution of over the years this site has grown to become a full service criminal background records provider for businesses, organizations, government entities and communities all over the United States of America. The site is now a premier national employment screening company. The site can also access county criminal records from all 3,143 counties in the USA.

Over the years this site has added new products and services to its arsenal including the address history trace & social security number validation search. This product can be used as a standalone search or as a compliment to a criminal background check. This new search verifies the authenticity of the social security number being used and aides Americans in preventing fraud and dishonesty. Along with the addition of other product offerings, this site can now perform county level searches in every county in the USA, run statewide searches in every state except Delaware, Massachusetts and Wyoming, and can perform a national criminal background check in less than ten seconds.

Criminal history checks are being performed in much larger volume now across the USA than ever before for many various reasons. the most pronounced reason for the rise of criminal background record searching in the country over the past 15 years, (with the past 5 years seeing the largest volume & growth) is businesses that never ran criminal checks on potential hires or post hires, now have started to do so. This industry is called the employment screening industry or pre-employment screening industry and now includes running a criminal history check as part of the hiring process. Even today many companies still do not perform criminal background checks in their hiring process, but the trend is definitely towards running them. Performing a criminal background check before you hire a new employee or rent out an apartment can save your company from needless headaches, legal expenses and productivity loss.

Recidivism is real and it has been proven that repeat criminal offenders continue to apply for work and continue to try and rent out new apartments. With this knowledge it is increasingly difficult for modern businesses to rationalize not running a criminal background check to find out if their applicants are convicted rapists, on parole, on the FBI’s most wanted list, or known terrorists. Criminal background checks are more affordable and available now than they ever have been as turnaround times have shrunk from weeks to seconds.

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